Back In Time

Friday, December 19

Happy 5th Birthday!!

Kevin's family...

Grandma Miller, my mom Sarah, Aunt Gloria, step-dad John, & Joey (my cousin)

Trying out his new violin...

The new Spiderman robe that he wears all the time!

The cake I made (got the idea off the back of a cake mix box)

Saturday, November 22

Playing in the leaves!!

Excited to be playing outside with Daddy!

Helping Daddy rake.

Taking a rest in the leaf pile.

Looking for Daddy in the leaves....

I found him! :)

Saturday, November 1

More Halloween pics!

Landon got one on his first try!! (without his hands of course)

Aunt Gloria & Addy Mae

Cousin Jenna (Pippi Longstocking) & Addy

My mud lovin' girl!

She LOVES dirt!!
Addy and her clothing are all clean now after lots of scrubbing!! ;)

Busy busy Halloween!! :)

My dad (Pat), Adalynn, Landon, Dawson, & Sally

My aunt Betsy & Landon

Miss Addy Mae :)

Addy & Landon

Silly Dawson.. grrrr :)

We visited family members, trick-or-treated Downtown Kennewick, and went to our ward's Halloween party... lot's to do.. but, we had a great day! :)

Wednesday, October 29

The pumpkin family...

The boys and all of their pumpkins. :)

Tuesday, October 28

My favorite place...

I love the Columbia River Temple. Kevin and I have been going to the temple every couple months. We have just made a goal of going at least once a month.
We were married here on December 14th, 2002.. the best day of our lives! :)

Addy playing in her fluff!!

I have been cloth diapering Adalynn for a whole year now. I never thought that using cloth diapers would be so addictive! There are so many adorable diapers out there. We switched to cloth because Addy was getting yucky rashes and was always fighting yeast. She no longer has any diaper rash (yea!) now that she's in cloth. Here's Addy playing in a load of diapers fresh out of the dryer. :)

Silly boys!!

I have two of the silliest boys ever. I was taking pictures of Addy for a cloth diaper contest and the boys decided they wanted their picture taken too.. so, here are a few. LOL!

All of us together! (Grandma Baugh's funeral)

Back Row- John (step-dad), Mom, Kari (sis-in-law), Josh (step-brother), Brendin (Megan's other half), Jake (step-brother)
Front Row- Me, Megan, Jennifer, Jenn (Jake's wife)
(Kevin was inside with our very tired kiddos)

It's been a cRaZy year!!

This year has gone by pretty quickly and has been very stressful. I started the year by signing up for a couple classes at Columbia Basin College. During the quarter my Grandma Baugh and Kevin's Grandpa Campbell passed away (during the same week!) and my father, Pat, had a major stroke and spent a month and a half in Seattle at Harborview fighting pneumonia and recovering from several brain surgeries. I was able to finish my CBC classes late with the help of wonderful professors and was able to pull off a 4.0 for the quarter! I took the next quarter off so that I could stay in Seattle with my dad. He's doing a lot better now.. he's been back home for a couple months and can now walk on his own! I'm still acting as his POA (which has been very stressful!) and taking care of his finances, insurance, working with his attorney, and I'm currently working on his social security application.
I started a couple more classes at CBC last month and am loving them. I really enjoy taking classes.. it's something I can do for myself while staying at home with my 3 kiddos. I'm currently teaching 2 flute students and am playing in the CBC concert band. I had planned to audition for the Mid-Columbia Symphony this year, but with my dad's health I chose not to... maybe next year?! :)
My children are doing very well and are growing like weeds. Landon will be 5 in December, Dawson is 3, and Addy is 18 months old. Landon and Dawson are in preschool.. Landon goes 3 days a week and Dawson goes 2. Adalynn is our little talker.. always singing, squealing, and has lots of new words every day. They keep me busy.. but, I love being a mom!
Kevin is doing well. He's been working at McCurley Chevrolet in Pasco for almost 2 years and seems to enjoy it. He started riding his bicycle again.. and rode it back and forth to work this summer and fall to save gas money. He's teaching Landon's primary class in our ward and really enjoys working with the kids.
Overall, we're doing very well. It's just been a cRaZy year!!

Sunday, March 30

Halloween 2007- Dad & Sally with Landon, Dawson, and Adalynn

We now have a blog

I've been updating my dad's blog (one that his friend started after my dad had his stroke) and decided to start my own. For now I'm going to focus on updating my dad's.. check it out: