Back In Time

Saturday, January 28


More pictures by my friend Shilowe (

Madisyn Elizabeth

I just realized that I didn't get Madisyn's newborn pictures up.. here is one.. only 18 months late!!

Sister Pictures!

I won a free shoot from my friend Shilowe ( and decided to use it to get some sister pictures taken.  I love them!  Shilowe is great!!

Landon's baptism day


Trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Addy's preschool class...

We painted our house!

Love the color!

Little Helper!

I got him!  ;)

Almost finished...

FIRST day of school 2011-2012

Happy FIRST birthday Madisyn!!

Helping Mommy make the cake!  :)

What a sweet girl!

Maddie loves strawberries...

Rainbow Cake!  It was a hit.. will be baking again for sure!!



It's been almost a year since this couponing trip... so, I don't remember what I paid... I was to guess it was right about $5 for all of this!  Love couponing!!  :)

Addy's 4th birthday party!!

Valentines Day 2011

It's been a whole YEAR!!

I've been horrible about updating our family blog!  We've had a great year!  The kids are all healthy and growing well.  Landon just turned EIGHT this last month and is such a great boy.  He chose to be baptized earlier this month and has also started cub scouts.  Dawson is SIX and loves school.  He's very helpful around the house and is an awesome big brother to Madisyn.  Addy is FOUR and is in her second year of preschool... and has quite the personality.  :)  Madisyn is 18 months old and is such a cutie pie!  She recently went into nursery at church.. and is slowly getting better about being away from mom and dad.
Kevin recently started a new job and really enjoys it.  He keeps busy with his calling at church and with side work. 
I've been busy with the kids, keeping up the house, and selling Shelf Reliance.  It's been overall a great year.. looking forward to whatever 2012 brings!  :)

Now to upload all kinds of pictures from 2011....