Back In Time

Tuesday, November 17

Back to school pictures (a little late.. I know)

The boys are both LOVING school.. Landon is doing very well (thank you to his wonderful preschool teachers Michelle & Tammy!) and Dawson is starting to get excited about learning.  Addy can't wait to go to school with her big brothers.. and is already trying to write her name.  :)

All dressed up!

This is a picture that I took while at the ward activity.  Dawson decided he didn't want to wear his costume anymore.. so, he's sporting some nice black sweats instead of his knight costume.  Landon looks like a dead pirate.. but he loved having his face painted. 

Wednesday, September 23

Fall is here!

I can't believe how quickly this summer went by... it's crazy that it's already going on October. Before we know it, it will be Christmas again! The boys are back in school and are both loving it and are learning so much! Addy is growing like a weed and is officially no longer a baby. She is our little drama queen and is definately keeping us on our toes! The other day she proudly announced "I'm not a princess anymore.. I'm a stinky man!" (as she covered herself in Kevin's deoderant).. LOL. She insisted that she needs to be a blue princess for Halloween.. so, I found her an adorable navy blue and gold dress on Craigslist.. she's going to be so stinkin' cute! Landon is going to be a pirate and Dawson is going to be a knight (thanks a ton to Aunt Gloria for the costumes!).
I've been very into couponing lately.. and have saved our family a TON on groceries the last couple months!! It's a lot of work.. but, sooo worth it! (I'm thinking about hosting a couponing class.. so, email me if you're interested!). For example.. this week.. with coupons and doublers (from Albertsons) you can get Campbells and Progressive soups and Kelloggs products for almost free (or free!).. our food storage is quickly growing for very cheap! :)
We're still planning to sell our house.. both of our dads have been great in helping Kevin get projects done.. this weekend my dad is going to help Kevin finish the gates to our fence. Hopefully the next project will be fixing up the irrigation (it was torn up when our septic system was replaced last summer).. and then we should be able to start packing so we can list the house next spring... it's time to find something bigger!

Tuesday, June 30

Summer Break is here!!!!

Spring quarter at CBC is over.. and I finished with a 3.89 GPA.. so, not too shabby for full-time. I have two classes to take until I will have my AA (FINALLY!). Then I have to figure out what I want to do when "I grow up". I've gone back and forth between psychology, nursing, and nutrition.. so, we'll see. For now I'm happy with staying at home with my kiddos.
Mary (#1) taught me about couponing a few weeks ago.. and I'm now officially addicted. I went to Albertson's and Safeway this week and got a bunch of cereal, hot dogs, tuna helper (I crave it!), yogurt, and tuna for just about free! So, instead of studying I am now spending my free time clipping coupons. :)
I'm up for playdates now that I'm done with school.. so, if any one wants to meet up.. send me an email:
I hope you're all having a great summer!

Sunday, May 31

Our bathroom is almost done!!

New vanity, sink, faucet, and countertop!! (We still need to paint the drawers)
New lights, shower, and paint (it looks sooo good!).

New shower and tub.

New tub & floor! :)
I am soooo happy with my new bathroom. Kevin's dad took a week off of work and did an amazing job! I had fun picking out colors and things.. now I need to hang the curtain and move all of my stuff back in! Thanks sooo much Ted and Kevin!!

Congratulations boys!!

Waiting for the graduation ceremony to start!

Showing off their diplomas...

The boys with their teacher after graduation...
thanks Teacher Tammy!

Friday, May 22

Spring 2009 family pictures...

She is TWO.. I can't believe how quickly she's growing up!!

This picture makes me laugh.. it shows the boys' personalities so well. The photographer was confused when I actually wanted to buy a bunch.. lol.

This was my favorite family pose.. I was a little bummed that Kevin's head was sooo close to the top.. but, oh well.. at least his eyes were open.. ;)

Saturday, March 21

Quarter is OVER!! :)

I took my last sociology test today and ended up with a 3.9 in the class (just a few points shy of a 4.0... oh well)! I'm still waiting on my english grade.. but, I got A's on most of my papers.. so, I'm not worried. Oh, and I got a 4.0 in my gym class too (and lost 11 pounds!). So.... I survived another quarter. :)
Good luck to the rest of you who still have finals!
Anyone taking statistics or physics at CBC next quarter? Or maybe speech? I'm still working on my schedule... and I'd love to find a friend in one of my classes. ;)

Thursday, February 12

25 things about me!

I posted this on Facebook the other day... so, I thought I'd post it here too. :)
1. I love my family more than anything in the world.
2. I am going to school full-time right now.. and can't wait until this quarter is over!
3. I wish I could move back to Provo and finish my degree.. I really miss BYU!
4. I just had my hair dyed back to my natural color.. and I love it! (Thanks again Kristin!)
5. I would love to have a couple more babies.. someday.
6. I have the best husband in the world. (seriously!)
7. I stick out my tongue when I think (especially when I'm studying).
8. I would love to move to Ireland and work on my geneology for a year or two.
9. I will kiss my husband, but won't drink out of the same glass (weird I know!).
10. I love love love Reeces candy.. all of it!
11. Red Robin is my favorite restaurant.. Bonzai Burger and fries.. yummy!
12. I am NOT a morning person.. probably because I stay up WAY too late!
13. I love working out.. I wish I had a gym in my house.
14. I use natural cleaners because I'm terrified that one of my kids will come into contact with poison.
15. I will be a carseat technician in April (took a class yesterday and really enjoyed it!)
16. I LOVE Strawberry & Creme Frappuccinos from Starbucks
17. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with Kevin in bed
18. My sisters and I are 16 months apart.
19. I love staying up late at night when the house is quiet even though I'm exhausted.
20. I like cleaning.. if I didn't have 3 kids my house would be soooo clean!
21. I love shoes and have way too many pairs... but, really really want to buy more running shoes.
22. Kevin and I have the only children on both sides of our family.. and I really wish our siblings would start having kids (well, I guess there is only one that is married.. so, only Megan.. lol)
23. I wish I got out of the house more without my kiddos.. more date nights and girls nights would be great!
24. I can't wait to move out of this area.. and into a ward with younger families and lots of activities
25. I love being a mommy! I couldn't imagine life without my 3 kiddos.

Half way done!

This quarter has been a bit overwelming. My sociology class is intense... I'll be lucky if I pull off a 4.0. My english class is interesting.. to say the least. We've written a bunch of papers and the professor still hasn't graded anything.. 6 weeks into the quarter!?! So, I have no idea how well I'm doing in that class. I just registered for spring classes, but I'm still debating on taking the quarter off to catch up around the house. I only have two quarters left until my associates is finished.. so, it's tempting to just keep going and get it done. My house is a wreck and I've been a grumpy stress ball since I started taking classes in September. Sooo.. maybe a break would be good?
I am starting to lose weight finally! I entered a Biggest Loser competition with some family and so far, so good. I'm working out 4-5 times a week at CBC (for my PE class) and have been eating a TON better. I just started using Mannatech's Osolean (new weightloss product).. so, hopefully the pounds will continue to melt away. (I've lost 8 pounds in the last couple weeks!) The contest ends on April 20th I believe.. wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 6

Only the second day of school... and I'm already feeling stressed!!

Winter quarter started yesterday and I'm a little overwelmed to say the least. I keep sitting down with my sociology book (haven't really started my english reading yet) and I keep getting distracted. The phone keeps ringing.. the kids are fighting.. Addy wrote on our leather couch.. Landon spilled chocolate milk.. ya know.. the usual stuff. Last quarter I did really well squeezing my studying in (I took psych 240 and band) and finished with a 4.0. I think I'm going to end up having to study at night after the kids are in bed.
I'm also taking orchestra and a gym class for fun.. so, hopefully they'll help relieve stress and not add to it!
Good luck to all of you other mom's who are taking college classes! :)