Back In Time

Wednesday, September 23

Fall is here!

I can't believe how quickly this summer went by... it's crazy that it's already going on October. Before we know it, it will be Christmas again! The boys are back in school and are both loving it and are learning so much! Addy is growing like a weed and is officially no longer a baby. She is our little drama queen and is definately keeping us on our toes! The other day she proudly announced "I'm not a princess anymore.. I'm a stinky man!" (as she covered herself in Kevin's deoderant).. LOL. She insisted that she needs to be a blue princess for Halloween.. so, I found her an adorable navy blue and gold dress on Craigslist.. she's going to be so stinkin' cute! Landon is going to be a pirate and Dawson is going to be a knight (thanks a ton to Aunt Gloria for the costumes!).
I've been very into couponing lately.. and have saved our family a TON on groceries the last couple months!! It's a lot of work.. but, sooo worth it! (I'm thinking about hosting a couponing class.. so, email me if you're interested!). For example.. this week.. with coupons and doublers (from Albertsons) you can get Campbells and Progressive soups and Kelloggs products for almost free (or free!).. our food storage is quickly growing for very cheap! :)
We're still planning to sell our house.. both of our dads have been great in helping Kevin get projects done.. this weekend my dad is going to help Kevin finish the gates to our fence. Hopefully the next project will be fixing up the irrigation (it was torn up when our septic system was replaced last summer).. and then we should be able to start packing so we can list the house next spring... it's time to find something bigger!