Back In Time

Saturday, November 22

Playing in the leaves!!

Excited to be playing outside with Daddy!

Helping Daddy rake.

Taking a rest in the leaf pile.

Looking for Daddy in the leaves....

I found him! :)

Saturday, November 1

More Halloween pics!

Landon got one on his first try!! (without his hands of course)

Aunt Gloria & Addy Mae

Cousin Jenna (Pippi Longstocking) & Addy

My mud lovin' girl!

She LOVES dirt!!
Addy and her clothing are all clean now after lots of scrubbing!! ;)

Busy busy Halloween!! :)

My dad (Pat), Adalynn, Landon, Dawson, & Sally

My aunt Betsy & Landon

Miss Addy Mae :)

Addy & Landon

Silly Dawson.. grrrr :)

We visited family members, trick-or-treated Downtown Kennewick, and went to our ward's Halloween party... lot's to do.. but, we had a great day! :)